Monday, 23 February 2015

Lip Magic from Charlotte Tilbury

I was recently lucky enough to win a competition from someone who I admire very much.
In my opinion this lady is the queen of the makeup world, creating signature feline flicks on Kate Moss and mesmerizing smokey eyes on Penelope Cruz. So obviously when she launched her own makeup line in 2013 I was super excited. Since then, I have built up quite a lovely collection of her products.. and it's safe to say I love them all! So obviously when I found out I won one of her competitions via Instagram I was a little bit (VERY) excited.
If you haven't you can check out Charlotte Tilbury's makeup line here!

I was very generously sent this gorgeous little lip shaped clutch, a matte revolution lipstick and a new product in her lip care range - lip magic.

Firstly can we just appreciate how gorgeous and luxurious the packaging is. 

Matte Revolution in Birkin Brown - here
Lip Magic - here

So for me, good lip care is essential.. my lips get very dry and chapped especially during these cold winter months. It means my lipstick doesn't go on very nice and I literally have to blather my lips in Carmex throughout the day. Not ideal for someone whose makeup has to look perfect daily!
I must admit after just a couple of days of applying it first thing in a morning and last thing before bed my lips did feel much better, I really love the dewy finish it gives. It smells good too - always a plus. The key ingredient mentioned in Lip Magic is propolis, created by honeybees which has healing powers - wowzer! It also has hyaluronic acid which plumps out lines for a fuller pout (who doesn't want that?!)
Most importantly my lipstick goes on and looks much nicer after use.. a good skincare routine is essential to having good makeup so the same thing should apply to the lips!

My lipstick collection is absolutely ridiculous, but it will continue to grow. I honestly do think I was lacking a colour like this though. Honestly, I'd had my eye on this one anyway so that made me even happier. It's called 'Birkin Brown' and it's a lovely chocolate like brown. Inspired by icons such as Jane Birkin or Naomi Campbell. It's part of her matte revolution lipstick range and I love everything about it. Some matte lipsticks can feel quite uncomfortable but not this one, it's still really creamy and does what it says on the box - a lit from within effect. 

Thankyou very much for a wonderful prize and your consistently amazing products CT!

Lucy X

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